Cluster Chunk

Cluster Chunk places two teams of up to four players on individual cluster chunks made from a mix up of just about every block in Minecraft’s library. There is one resource chest per island containing a bed and some starting supplies. The game begins at sunset and each player will have to set their bed spawn immediately. If you die without a bed spawn it’s game over. Once spawns are set each team’s objective is to steal or destroy the other team’s bed and kill opposing players to knock them out of the game. The last team with players in the game wins.

Supply satellites orbit around each team’s cluster chunk containing vital supplies such as engineering materials, brewing kits, blocks and weapons. These satellites are guarded by hostile mob spawners as well as being vulnerable to opposing fire.


1. At sunset, the game begins and each team has one bed.

2. Beds can be moved or stolen but, not crafted.

3. Die without a bed spawn and you’re out of the game.

4. The last team with a player in the game wins.

5. Do not take blocks/items from spawn structures.

6. Once in game, the spawn, rail and drop house are off limits.

7. Do not build a portal to the Nether or the End.

8. Do not spy on the other team once you are out of the game.

9. No stalemates (ex. bridging endlessly in the opposite direction of the other team.)


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